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Why is My AC Frozen in Beaumont?

You don’t have to be an AC maintenance or AC repair expert to know your air conditioner is frozen. If your air conditioning unit is releasing small amounts of air, also known as minimal airflow, this is one indication your Air conditioner is frozen. A frozen AC unit will not have cold airflow. Frozen air conditioners blow out warm air and can make the rooms in your home feel like a sauna with the smell of stale or electric-smelling air. Here are a few reasons your air conditioner is frozen and how to fix it.

Signs Your AC Is Frozen

  • Having to constantly run your air unit
  • Rapid decrease in your unit’s performance
  • Generous amounts of condensate drainage
  • Uncomfortably warm temperature in your home
  • Drastically decreased airflow from the system’s vents

Causes of a Frozen AC

Blocked Air Flow

Blocked air flow is caused by dirty filters. These filters suffocate your AC unit and causes the evaporator coil’s temperature to have below-freezing temperatures. Frozen evaporator coils can cause ice buildup on the air conditioner, which leads to a frozen AC. Check your filters regularly to ensure they are not damaged and clean.

Low Refrigerant or Refrigerant Leaks

Low refrigerant or refrigerant leaks are often the cause of a frozen AC when dirty filters are not the concern. The age of your air conditioner will play a role in repairing or replacing it. If the age of your AC unit is multiplied by the cost to repair it exceeds $5,000, you should consider replacing your air conditioning system. Although you can get a temporary fix by having a professional top-off your coolant levels, the problem of a frozen air conditioner will continue until you have it repaired or replaced.

Motor Malfunction

The motor in an air conditioner is as important as the engine in a car. When the motor malfunctions, other things will begin to go wrong, including a system freeze. The motor is the way your air conditioner receives the return air (air that is pushed out and into your home), and back over the evaporator coils found on the inside of the air system.  If there is a lack of airflow moving over these coils, one of the results is a frozen air conditioner.

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